UCP Telethon will stream live on Channel 16


I finished my masterpiece, now what?


The St. Mary’s TV Show

St. Mary’s School in Lee, MA.  just finished producing their first television show at CTSB.
“The St. Mary’s TV Show” begins airing on December 23, 2014 at 7PM on CTSB Education Channel 17.

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Where Did My CTSB Channels Go?

If you are having trouble finding CTSB PEG channels since Time Warner Cable went digital, help is on the way!
Station Manager, Leo Mahoney will guide you through the 3 ways to get CTSB back on your television.
TWC customers who have “Starter” or “Basic Cable Service” will need to use option 2, using a DTA converter.
Charges may apply, so be sure to check with Time Warner if you have any questions.
If you know friends or family who are having trouble, please share this video with them.